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Tournament.com is home to our unique platform that offers players around the world the opportunity to compete in massively multiplayer games of chance to win real cash prizes.

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Online Gaming

Our experience and collective knowledge comes from online gaming. The Wow Company is our newest venture in this category offering exciting gaming products globally.

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Influencer Monetization

Investing into the world of social media. We are building out new platforms and tools to help Influencers all over the world monetize their social media followings.

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Digital Marketing

The art and science of digital marketing forms the fabric on which Arena is built. In our previous ventures we generated over a billion dollars of revenue and drove tens of millions of customers to companies world wide generating affiliate income. Now we are focused on bringing customers to our own.

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Game development

Great games start with great ideas. At Starground Studios we have a team of the finest talent from the online gaming industry. Specializing in producing casino games, slot machines and multiplayer games at the highest level.


Who we are

Arena Entertainment was founded in 2020 by entrepreneurs from the gaming sector.



Are you looking to invest in the online entertainment and gaming sector ? Arena is considering raising outside capital.


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Our mailing address is 55 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003, United States.

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